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As you can probably tell from this blog I like to journal and document things. With Andrew's milestone birthday this year I decided to interview Evie about her Daddy. I also got her to draw a picture of her and Andrew. (With a bit coercion, mind you! Evie hasn't started the drawing / colouring in phase yet. Please tell me it will start soon!)

The inspiration for the Daddy interview was Evie's third birthday interview. I loved how her birthday interview captured a complete snapshot of three year old Evie. We have millions of photographs of Evie but I want to try to remember everything.

I really had to struggle to keep a straight face when interviewing Evie about her Daddy. I think my favourite response is the answer to the question "what is Daddy good at?". Her observation was that "Daddy is really good at drinking all his beer". He sure is, Evie.

My Daddy by Evie

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Evie is pulling what she calls her "Pirate face" in most of October's photos. She's such a funny girl. She makes us laugh.
October: Evie + Teddy
October: Evie + Teddy
October: Evie + Teddy

Here are the photos starting from the beginning:
May: Evie and Teddy June: Evie and Teddy
July: Evie and Teddy August: Evie + Teddy
Evie and Teddy October: Evie + Teddy

See Evie and Teddy's monthly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Well, happy birthday for November. Since TD turned 64 we've been taking a yearly photo of TD with the grandkids. There is a high level of difficulty involved in getting a photo where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. The Bell boys both love to joke around and Leo loves to terrorise Audrey. Evie finds it hilarious and Teddy just wonders what all the fuss is about. We took about 50 photos and I could only find one which was only just OK for all the kids. Of course, in that photo TD wasn't smiling so I had to photoshop him in.

Here is the end result:
Happy Birthday TD

Here are some of the out takes:

Birthday out takes Birthday out takes
Birthday out takes Birthday out takes

And here are the photos from previous years:
Happy Birthday TD
Day309: Happy Birthday TD
TD and the Grandkids

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We celebrated Andrew's (milestone) birthday with a game of tenpin bowling and lunch at Pancakes at the Rocks.

We had such a lovely time at tenpin bowling. It was so nice to be doing something that Andrew and I used to enjoy doing before kids. Now we can do it as a family! I was a little concerned that it might be too hard for Evie. I'm always worried about introducing things too early. I remember all the fun things I did as a child and am keen to introduce them to Evie and Teddy. I have to force myself to be patient to wait until Evie and Teddy are old enough to enjoy them.
Tenpin bowling

Luckily, ten pin bowling is much more kid friendly these days. They have the bumper rail option so it's impossible to get a gutter ball. Evie wasn't able to lift any of the balls so we used a ball ramp. Between the bumper rails and the ball ramp she was able to get the ball all the way down the lane and knock some pins down. That was enough to keep her happy. She even managed to get a spare or two. By the end of the game she was up on the terminology and even had a "spare dance".
Tenpin bowling

She noticed that Andrew had great success with a run up so decided that she needed to introduce a run up. It was hilarious to watch her storm across the approach to push the ball down the ball ramp. I videoed it for everyone's enjoyment.

After bowling we had pancackes for lunch. Bowling and pancakes! I think it was the perfect birthday outing for Andrew.

Happy Birthday Andrew! Happy Birthday Andrew!

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Theodore: 6 months
For comparison, Evie: 6 months.

I think if I was to use one word to describe Teddy it would be determined. I'm sure his personality is already shining through. Everyone tells me that "he's just a baby" but I think Teddy will grow up into a very stubborn little boy. If I dare take something from him which he shouldn't be playing with he will immediately crack it. When I lay him down in his cot and he's not ready for his nap he actually stamps his feet. I'm not sure how you stamp your feet while wrapped in a swaddle and lying in a cot but Teddy manages to do it. Nobody believes me when I tell these stories as he is such a chilled and relaxed baby out of the house. He just saves the fireworks for home.

I think we'll have to start thinking about childproofing soon as Teddy already has big muckling ambitions. When Teddy is sitting on my lap, if he sees something he thinks is interesting he will just launch himself forward. He doesn't really have a plan in place he just wants to play with that thing (the remote, computer keyboard, Mummy's phone, Daddy's phone... always something he shouldn't be playing with).

Since Teddy was a baby Andrew and I have (jokingly) been trying to get him to say MaMa or DaDa first. Well, I've won that competition. When Teddy is sad he will cry out "Maaa Maaa Maaa". He knows that it will make Mummy come running. I'm such a sucker.

Teddy has finally mastered rolling from his front back to his back. Although he's not an ambi roller; he only rolls one way. So he's not actually mobile yet. Unfortunately he's not happy to lie on his back on his playmat anymore. If I try to lie him flat on his back he cracks it big time. We get a mini Teddy temper tantrum. He's decided that he wants to sit up now. Of course, he's not quite able to sit by himself yet. My little Teddy bear never satisfied with the status quo.

See Theodore's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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