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Theodore: Week 9
Theodore: Week 10
Theodore: Week 11
Theodore: Week 12
For comparison, Evie: Week 9, Evie: Week 10, Evie: Week 11 and Evie: Week 12

Poor Teddy. Now I'm so behind it's four photos in one post. Oh well, at least there are photos and fushmush posts.

Teddy has discovered his hands. Often he'll sit there, holding his hands in front of his face, staring intently at them. He also loves sucking on them. Sometimes he tries to shove them so far in his mouth that he chokes on them.
Nom nom nom

My little Teddy seems to be a baby of extremes. Evie was always a very serious baby. You had to work really hard to get a smile out of her. She was really easy going at night though and would always go straight back to sleep after a feed (well, that's how I remember it happening.)

Teddy is very smiley and is already laughing and chuckling (much earlier than I remember Evie doing it). He also loves a good chat and will sing along with you if you sing a song to him. Conversely, when he is sad he is really sad. The poor boy suffers from wind pain and at night time just likes to be held by Mummy when his tummy is sore. Mummy loves the smiling and giggling but I'm not such a fan of the late night cuddle requirements. I keep trying to remind myself that this is my last baby and to enjoy the cuddles. But seriously, who enjoys having to rock a baby for hours at three in the morning? (if you do, please feel free to come over and rock my baby at three in the morning while I sleep.)
Smiley Teddy Teddy Teddy

When Evie was a baby I often had to resort to rocking her bouncer with my foot while she napped. I had mocked the motorised swings before she was born but then totally regretted not owning one. So when I was pregnant with Teddy, I bought a second hand motorised swing. It was a bargain and I thought I'd be clever this time and let the swing do the hard work. Of course, what do you think I'm doing while I type this entry? I'm rocking Teddy in the bouncer while he naps. Do you think he'll sleep in the motorised swing? Nope. Kids - 2, Jess 0. Oh well, I guess I should be happy I didn't pay full price for the swing.
Napping in the bouncer

This is the last of the weekly photos. From now we swap to monthly photos. Hopefully I'll be more on top of the monthly posts.

See Theodore's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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Theodore: Week 7
Theodore: Week 8

For comparison, Evie: Week 7 and Evie: Week 8

My brain is very fuzzy while I'm writing this entry. Teddy is currently transitioning from a newborn to a baby. Some days he is still in his newborn "I can't possibly be awake for longer than 15 minutes" phase. On these days he feeds every three hours and needs to be cuddled and rocked... a lot. On other days he follows the baby routine and is happy enough to be awake in his bouncer and watch Mummy do the washing up or Evie play with her duplo. I can see the light at the end of the newborn tunnel!

Poor Teddy is definitely a second child. When Evie was little I used to dress her everyday in cute little outfits. I actually wrote about one instance where I was mortified because I forgot to change Evie out of her PJs when I took her to a Mothers' Group meeting. Theodore lives in his sleep suits. He's also lucky if he gets a bath every second day. Evie was bathed everyday as part of her bedtime routine.

When Evie was a baby I used to try to get out for a walk every afternoon. It was a nice way to fit in her afternoon catnap. I've been trying to walk as often as possible with Teddy. We are lucky to have some lovely walking paths in our area. We've been having some beautiful afternoons and sunsets recently. The other day I went for a walk wearing a t-shirt and jeans. It was 20 degrees at 4pm two days away from the Winter Solstice. I guess I shouldn't be so happy about our changing climate.
Teddy Rhodes Jess and Teddy

Along with Teddy's progress photos we're also trying to get a monthly photo of Evie and Teddy. Here are the photos of Evie and Teddy from May and June.
May: Evie and Teddy June: Evie and Teddy
I love Theodore's expression in the June photo. It's like he's saying "Are you sure this is a good idea Mum?"

See Theodore's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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I picked placemats as the present du jour for this year's birthday season. I made personalised placemats for Euan, Elliot and Edgar. I like doing personalised items for our kidlets with less common names. I wonder if there are Euan, Elliot or Edgar cups available at the newsagency.

Birthday season starts in April which is when Teddy was due. I knew I had to get organised and get them sewn before he arrived. I managed to get all the placemats done and also squeezed in a couple of non-personalised patterned ones for Cameron and Harvey before Theodore was born *phew* (I didn't seem to take a photo of Cameron and Harvey's placemats.)
Personalised placemats

I modified the pattern to include a pocket for cutlery on the back and a tie. The placemats can be rolled up and stored away.
Personalised placemats
Personalised placemats

Evie loves to get involved in everything we do. When I was taking photos of the placemats she asked if she could take some photos too. I gave her my iPhone and she snapped happily away trying to find the best angle to capture Mummy's brilliance.
Evie Evie Evie

When Evie saw the placemats for the boys she asked for one for her birthday. Of course, she demanded that it be ALL PURPLE. So, as requested, I made one for her which is VERY purple. When I showed it to her she did a little dance of purple inspired excitement.
Handmade: Personalised Placemat
Handmade: Personalised Placemat

I'm not sure whether or not to encourage or discourage this "I love purple stage" of Evie's life. She's now asking to be dressed head to toe in purple everyday. She'll still wear other clothes without any fuss though if there are no purple ones available. I think I might have to start washing the purple clothes less regularly.

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Theodore: week 5
Theodore: week 6

For comparison, Evie: Week 5 and Evie: Week 6

We're getting lots of smiles from Theodore now. Well, Mummy is getting lots of smiles. Evie, aka "The Noise", usually gets a startled reaction from Teddy. Theodore is also very chatty. If you "goo" at him, he'll "gaaaaa" right back.

Week 5 was definitely the stormy week it was supposed to be. Lots of crying from baby Teddy in the afternoons. I struggled to figure out how to prepare toddler dinner while holding a screaming baby. After a few afternoons I finally worked out that I should get Evie's dinner ready while they were both napping in the afternoon. I can manage reheating stuff in the microwave while holding a screaming baby. I'm embarrassed it took me so long to figure this out. Sleep deprivation makes Jess' brain sloooooooow.

We got this lovely photo of Evie and Theodore when taking his weekly photo. I probably should have put Evie in something other than her Heron Island Turtle t-shirt when taking the photo. It is one of her favourite t-shirts though so I guess it's a record of the times.
Evie and Teddy

I thought we'd finished taking photos when Evie asked for another photo with Teddy. I said "Do you want me to take a photo of you together?" and she replied "Yes, take a photo of me and him... but I still want to be able to watch tele". She's a girl with her priorities in order.

Evie and Teddy Evie and Teddy

See Theodore's weekly photos (slideshow) on Flickr.

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The festival of Evie is officially over. We wanted to make a bit of a big deal out of Evie's birthday this year. Her birthday fell exactly a month after Theodore's arrival. The advice I'd be given by experts on preparing a sibling for a new baby was to respond with love rather than discipline. We were told that we must "fill up her cup of love". Well, Evie's cup of love should be overflowing after her birthday celebrations this year.

She woke up on her birthday morning to a living room filled with balloons and a pillowcase of presents. I then made sprinkle pancakes for breakfast which she ate while wearing her new purple tiara. That evening I cooked Evie her favourite meal for dinner - macaroni and cheese with garlic bread - and we had cake and icecream for dessert. (Of course, Evie didn't eat any of her favourite dinner but it's the thought that counts, right?).
birthday presents

Evie Evie Evie

The next night we headed to Annie's house for a family party. I made Evie a number three cake because you can't have a birthday celebration without cake. It was a pretty simple cake to do. I cooked two chocolate circle cakes and Andrew carved them into a number three. I iced the cake with buttercream and decorated it with smarties and sprinkles.
Number 3 cake Blowing out the candles Evie

I just love the third photo above. Evie has taken to smiling like this when you ask her to smile for a photo.

On the weekend we celebrated again with a joint third birthday party with Edgar. This year was supposed to be a "small party" year for Evie. Andrew and I plan to only have a party for Evie every second year. However, Carolyn offered to host a joint party for Evie and Edgar at her house. Evie and Edgar's birthdays are only two days apart. The offer was too good to pass up so in the end it wasn't a small party year for Evie. It was supposed to be a low key affair but I can't help organise a party without coming up with a theme and an activity or two.

The party had a transport theme (we tried to find something which suited both kids Eddy loves vehicles and Evie is a fan too). We organised a "make your own car" craft activity. The kids decorated shoe boxes with milk bottle lids, stickers and streamers. The highlight of the party was the swinging chairs on the Hills Hoist. Alex rigged up some milk crate seats on the clothes line. The kids loved it and it was very difficult to convince them to get off it. In fact, Euan flat out refused to get off it even though I told him that nobody was going to spin it. The only downside of it was that it required an adult to push the clothesline. Next time, I think Alex should attach some kind of motor as well *G*.
Evie and Edgar's 3rd Birthday Party
Evie and Edgar's 3rd Birthday Party
Evie and Edgar's 3rd Birthday Party

I was bit foolish with my cake ambitions this year. I had seen a fantastic Octonauts GUP-A cake and knew Evie would like that. Evie is a big Octonauts fan (so am I! I've learned so many facts about ocean animals from Octonauts). I figured that it also fit into the transport theme as it was a vehicle (I couldn't think of many girly cakes that fit the transport theme). The cake was a joint Andrew / Jess effort this year. Andrew is good at the detail work so I delegated a few of the cake jobs to him. I always say that I'm the "ideas" person and he is the "details" person in our relationship.
Evie and Edgar's 3rd Birthday Party
Evie and Edgar's 3rd Birthday Party

Being a bit time poor at the moment, I was a bit crazy to decide to make two birthday cakes and such a difficult one for Evie's party. The reason why I did it was because I love baking, making, and decorating cakes. I've read a couple of articles which moan about parents who are going overboard with cakes for children's parties. We're not trying to one-up other parents. Well, I'm not. I do it because I love doing it. If I didn't love doing it then Evie would be getting a Woolworth's sheet cake. Rant over.

More photos from Evie's birthday (slideshow) and Evie's party (slideshow) on Flickr.

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